How to Buy Watch Winder Singapore

How to Buy Watch Winder Singapore

Watch Wander Singapore

If you want to buy watch winder Singapore, there are some important factors to mind. Not all watch winders are the same, so you need to choose the one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Choose the right power source.

Just like most electronics, a watch winder relies on either AC or DC power source. The choice is thus obvious. If you plan to keep your watch winder in one place permanently, an AC-powered watch winder is a better choice. If you need a portable watch winder or if you hate cables, you can choose a DC-powered watch. A watch winder with rechargeable batteries is the best choice because it can be used as either a stationary or a portable winder.

Pick the right size.

There are watch winders for only one watch, but there are also watch winders that can accommodate more than one watch. When you want to buy watch winder Singapore, one important factor to mind is its size. A one-piece watch winder is perfect for showcasing your most prized model. A multi-piece watch winder, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you have a lot of collectibles that you want to keep alive.

Mind the winder’s turn per day.

Choosing the winder’s TPD feature is crucial because it determines whether it can keep your watch alive or not. Certain watches need to be turned particular times in a day. Normally, this turning motion is automatically performed by your hand when you wear the watch. When you store your watch in the winder, the winder must precisely do the minimum number of turning motions to keep the watch alive.

Different watches require different turning motions per day, so you should consult your watch seller or its manual to find that out. You can also bring your watch along when you buy watch winder Singapore so that someone can assist you to choose the right winder for your watch.


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