Month: September 2019

Website Toko Online

Kesalahan Desain Website Toko Online yang Paling Banyak Dilakukan

Dari jasa membuat website toko online, anda bisa mencari mendapatkan desain template atau bisa membuat desain website anda sendiri. Ketika anda membuat desain sendiri ada beberapa hal yang perlu anda perhatikan dan beberapa pengalaman kesalahan yang perlu anda hindari.

rotating watch box

Can A Watch Winder Overwind Your Rolex?

Having a watch winder is a blessing in the form of a beautiful box with its great functionality to wind and displaying your automatic watch when you decide to not use it. And while you enjoy the appearance of your Rolex winded, there is some anxiousness about what if your watch overwound and your rotating watch box will only make your watch wear and tear?


Should You Get a Watch Winder?

Automatic Watch winders are a device that rotates automatic or self-winding watches to ensure their power reserve does not deplete and keep your watch running smoothly when not in use. As you might know, automatic watches relies on the movement of the wrist to run its machinery. When you store your automatic watch in a regular box, the machinery would inevitably run out of power and shuts down, and you have to reset its complicated machinery again once you get it out of storage. Although not impossible, it is terribly inconvenient. Furthermore, if the machinery regularly shuts down, the oil lubricant inside the watch would start to harden, thus warranting a visit to the repair shop.