Do you really need to buy a watch winder?

Do you really need to buy a watch winder?

When use battery watch winders

One of the most frequent questions is whether the watch owner needs to buy the watch winder. This question is often asked after someone read the Sky Mall or the mail order catalog where the aspect of revolutionary of the watch winder was revealed in the common circulation magazine. Most of the mechanical watches will be automatically hurt by the weight inside the watch when the watch just moving. You should know that watch winders will fill up the niche when you do not wear it. There are some watches such as Rolex, just simply choose Rolex moves it from the side into another side is a pretty simple matter. However, for a more complex watch where the annual calendars and moon phases were just knocked out by dormancy making the mechanical setting is easier.  sometimes, it might include the battery watch winder and its box.

Here things to know first

Usually, the watch winder is just a small box with the motor powered by battery or AC powered which is slowly spin around to hold your watch. This is a pretty simple concept, however, for some reasons which are difficult to establish without run well into three digits. The construction of watch case, quality, motor type and mechanism which hold the watch are all of the points on cheap watch winders and it will combine with the actually small production numbers – here is one of the reasons why good ones cost you a lot.

You should know that inexpensive watch winders have the sub-par materials on a case which can break easily. The cup and mechanism with the foam base will be known can destroy the inexpensive winders and the motor might run too fast or even not at all is what’s make inexpensive watch winders were not worth with the box and battery that they just send. You should know that good watch winders usually have steady and solid cases which complement the watch quality inside. No wonder that there are so many companies use the fine wood boxes so that they are fit into the house decoration, silent motor, trustfully of mechanism holding and can adjust the turns-per-day as well. You should know that inexpensive winders can spin without any method to adjust TPD and there is no method to shut it off instead of a switch. A good watch winder was designed in that way so that it can be left and programmed to sprint the specific number or rotations as well. So, choose your best watch winder box.


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