Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jericho Solus by Jeffery Moore

Jericho Solus

“They watch me—the feeling as acute as a sharp, cold blade against my skin. I may have lived an ordinary existence, but I can fight. Though my memory is like a beast cowering in the shadows, I know in my core I can fight, as if it’s what I’m wired to do.
Her breaths echo in my dark cell. Is she real? She fills my emptiness with heat, and God help the people that harm her. I am the Solus. My name is Jericho, and killing is what I do best.”
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started to read Jericho Solus by Jeffery Moore, and I have to say it was much more that I could have hoped for. I would have to classify this book as a fantasy with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.
The story follows Jericho who finds himself a captive with no knowledge of who or what held him. As his memories surface from the past he starts to remember who and what he is. His memories strengthen his resolve as he demands answers and in turn is reunited with Gebal as they explore their memories of the past and how they affect their current situation. Their journey takes them far into another galaxy and on a faraway planet they discover their true destiny.
The book is extremely well written and well-timed with strategically placed flashbacks that added so much depth and back ground to the current happenings within the story. Within these flashbacks the characters are fleshed in a way that drew me in and I was already emotionally invested by the end of the first chapter and continued through the entire book.  The plot line was fairly complex and I was quite impressed with how the author included pivotal points in history in a way that makes total sense and leaves the reader with a sense of “What if?”
There were three main characters within the story:Jericho, Gebal and Dimash. We see the characters develop as they travel to their destination of another planet to fulfill a quest for the Kamai. I really enjoyed watching the characters evolve as they discover that the mistakes of the past can shape their decisions and outcomes of the future.The author did a fantastic job bringing the story to life with his descriptions of the many different landscapes and cities.This  was a very visual read for me and the story played out in my mind with vivid images.  I also enjoyed the author’s battle and fight scenes. They were very true to life and as a lover of warriors and battles I was very pleased.
There is so much I could say about this book and its characters but that would give too much away and I feel this is a book that needs to be discovered as each page turns. I strongly recommend this book for those who enjoy a mix of history and fantasy. I for one am looking forward to reading more from Jeffery Moore.
With that said I give this book a 4.5

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A bit about the Author :
Jeffery Moore writes speculative fiction. His stories transcend genre boundaries,
making them difficult to categorize. He writes what he likes to read and the
stories that entice him most are stories with character displacement, characters
that for whatever reason are thrust into alien worlds or environments. Though in
broad terms his stories may be categorized as Fantasy, you will read none of the
Middle Earth or vampire themes and characters—he feels these are done to death.
Moore strives to introduce concepts into his stories that haven’t been done

Jericho Solus is published by "Prose by Design"

Reviewed by Rayven


jeffery moore said...

Thanks Rayven for the kind review and sharing it with your fans and followers. I'm quite pleased you enjoyed the story.

Camelia Miron Skiba said...

Glad to meet another fan of Jericho Solus :)
Not for everyone, but definitely for those with open minds.
Thanks for sharing!