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Symphony of Blood by Adam Pepper

Book Description :
Hank Mondale, a rough-around the edges P.I with a small drinking problem and large gambling problem, needs a break. With his landlord threatening eviction and his bookie threatening worse, things look bleak. Until a real estate mogul Thomas Blake calls with an incredible story: a monster is trying to kill his daughter. Hank figures she's probably some whacked-out spoiled brat, but desperate, Hank takes the case to track down the supposed monster. It seems that people around Mackenzie Blake are disappearing. It is obviously no coincidence. Was Hank hired to unwittingly aid a wealthy murderess? Or is there really someone..or something, trying to kill Mackenzie Blake?

A symphony plays that only IT can hear. But there will be a special performance just for her.

Symphony of Blood written by Adam Pepper is a perfect example of a great detective's story with a supernatural twist. Hank Mondale is a down and out Private Detective who is broke and in need of his next case and cold hard cash. With everything falling apart he has no choice but to take a case from a high profile client and his debutante daughter who take Hank on a wild ride in search of a "monster".

I love a good detective story and following in Simon R Green's footsteps Adam Pepper had me hooked from the very first chapter. I loved the almost slap stick feeling the author created with his writing. For every bad decision that Hank made, there is an immediate reaction which does not always bode well for him. Through the first half of the story  I was unsure of what exactly classified this book as "Supernatural", but as the story unfolded "It" was revealed.  Told from the Hank's POV the story line is fast paced and filled with suspense as the author takes you down a clue filled path with coincidences and events that can only lead to one outcome.  Just when I was thinking I had this story line all figured out, the author throws in a brilliant twist, by switching the POV abruptly as the plot is reveled from a perspective that is completely  unexpected and unique. 

Because the story moves at such a fast pace, the author does not delve deep into each of the characters, except for Hank. In Hank, we see glimpses of his personality and morals through his interactions with other characters in the book. Through Hank's detective persona we see others through his eyes. His thoughts, feelings and deductions give us insight into the motivation of others. The true character development comes from a very unique POV, in which we see this character learn, develop emotion and understanding of a world that is alien to it. This particular POV shift is truly the best part of the story, I found myself feeling for this character in a way that I might not have if it was written differently. Seeing the story though it's eyes we see who really is the monster,and who is just trying to survive in a world that it does not understand. 

I have to say I loved Adam Peppers writing style, there were times I found myself laughing, on the edge of my seat, horrified and enjoying the quirky maleness of Hank. I must admit I have a soft spot for P.I's  There was so much more I could have added but I didn't want to give away any of the great bits!  All I can say is this is a MUST read. A great big thank you to Adam, for he  rekindled my love for a good supernatural detective story and I look forward to more of Hank Mondale's cases. So if you are looking for a fast, fun and adrenaline filled read, then this book is for you.  I give this book 5 stars! 

                                          5 Stars

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