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Faerytale by Rachael Fuller

Book Description :
Faerytale, told in narrative rhyme, centers on two sisters, Ellie and her older sister Lucy. While playing, Lucy finds that Ellie has disappeared down a rabbit hole and is lost in a dangerous land of twisted fairy tales. A darker account of the classic tales of Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, Faerytale is a chilling story of Lucy's journey to find and rescue Ellie before the land is swallowed by impenetrable darkness.

Faerytale by Rachael Fuller takes us back to our childhood where the magical world of fairies, wood nymphs and characters that graced our bookshelves comes to life. After reading the synopsis of this story I knew that I could not just "read" this story, but that I had to read it out loud. Told in narrative rhyme I was immediately pulled into the rhythm of the story. The cleverness of the author's words engaged my imagination and I became Lucy on her quest to find her sister. So real were the fairies that flitted to and fro, along with the wood nymph that told her where she must go. I found my voice take on a life of it's own; I knew in that moment that this is a book that everyone must own. I guess I should mention that reading this book will cause adults to burst out into spontaneous rhyme. 

The author does a brilliant job of capturing the almost jaded like feeling as innocence turns to skepticism in the character of Lucy, who no longer believe in fairies, princes or happy endings. In Ellie we see the childlike wonder that sees magic in everything. The plot is very well put together and flows without a break in rhythm or rhyme, which is why I recommend reading this tale in one sitting. True to her Brothers Grimm inspiration, the author does a superb job of putting a dark twist on familiar stories and one that will leave you very much surprised. The illustrations in the story are beautifully done add much to help bring the story to life.

This book is such a fun read and suitable for all ages, even with the dark twists and turns to the story. For as a child I know I liked reading and listening to tales that made me a wee bit frightened, for in the depths of fear we find our courage. And in this story Lucy finds enough courage for herself, her sister and the world that is being swallowed by darkness. There is so  much more that I could have covered but I did not want to give anything away. I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is a MUST read. Faerytale is set to be released October 31, 2011 by Safkhet Publishing and will be available on Amazon.   I look forward to reading more of Rachael Fuller's future works.  I have a feeling in years to come my grandchildren will be reading her tales.  This book deserves 5 stars!
                                           5 Stars! 

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About the Author :

Rachael Fuller grew up in West Somerset, UK, where she spent her teenage years acting, singing, writing poems and daydreaming of fair maidens and knights in shining armor. Looking to the Brothers Grimm for inspiration, Rachael spurs her vivid imagination by sharing her stories and rhyme with anyone who understands the need for good old-fashioned story-telling, not just for children but for adults who long for more than just the reality they live in everyday.

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