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Interview with Wayne Gerard Trotman

Today I have the honor of introducing Wayne Gerard Trotman author of the epic Sci-fi/fantasy novel "Veterans of the Psychic Wars", which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Wayne has graciously honored us with an interview.  Welcome Wayne, and thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions and giving our readers at DarkissReads a chance to get to know you better.

Question 1
From the very first chapter of Veterans of the Psychic Wars, the reader is greeted with Martial Arts action.  What Styles of Martial Arts influenced your fight scenes in the book?

There is a very wide range of martial arts influences in Veterans of the Psychic Wars, including Karate, Taekwondo, Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai, Kenjutsu, Kobudo and Wushu. I also threw in what I learnt from fencing, and close-quarter combat. The depicted styles are generally hybrid combinations as most of the exponents were extraterrestrials.

Question 2
The storyline includes many universal truths. Was this deliberate or just part of the transformation that Roman undertakes in becoming who he is meant to be?

Both. Once I started the series, I have been keeping an ever-growing selection of 'wisdom and humour'. I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking up imaginary conversations. There is, perhaps, a thin line between creativity and insanity.

Question 3
What inspired you to write your first book?

The inspiration for the Veterans of the Psychic Wars came from a conversation I had with my mother when I as quite young. I was nine or ten years old when I complained that I felt that I didn't belong.
I told my mother, "I think I'm an alien"
My mother replied, "Yes, you're an alien."
We both laughed and the conversation moved to other things, but I always thought about what she said. I didn't actually believe I as alien; but I started thinking: what if a young man grew up believing he was a normal human being, only to find out one day that he was actually an alien from another galaxy? Wouldn't that explain his feelings of alienation? Wouldn't that make for an interesting story?

Question 4
What was the hardest thing about writing Veterans of the Psychic Wars?

The beginning. Having previously written film scripts, I totally underestimated the challenge of writing a novel. My first draft of chapter one was so awful I couldn't bear to ever see it again. I deleted it and started again. Fortunately, thereafter, I found writing my first novel increasingly easy; and I was able to complete it with only minor modifications after the difficult start. The novel took a long time to complete because of the research and development involved.

Question 5
Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

My favorite author is J.R.R Tolkien, for his attention to detail, his artistry with the written word and his intellect.

Question 6
Can you share a little of your current work with the audience of DarkissReads?

I am currently writing a second series, which is related to the Psychic Wars saga but based entirely in the tropical paradise of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This sci-fi/fantasy series will feature the local 'pigeon' English, and will be aimed at a younger audience. I am aiming for a January 2012 release.

Question 7
When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I was 9, I wrote an essay entitled "The Crash". I was very proud of it and it was the first time I recall thinking of myself as a writer.

Question 8
Do you have any advice for new authors?

Pay close attention to spelling, grammar and editing. If you can't do it yourself, hire a professional. Even though we are advised to 'never trust a book by its cover' few people heed this advice. For most of us, a poorly designed cover suggests a poorly written book. Regardless of who publishes your book, be prepared to do your own marketing. A devastating combination of pride, ignorance and arrogance leads some authors to believe that sales and marketing are beneath them. They often discover that less talented writers with a firm grasp of marketing outsell them at every turn. Follow your dreams, and don't ever give up! 

Question 9
Do you have a projected publish date for the second book in your series?

Book Two: Architects of the Psychic Wars won't be released before January 2013. But it would be well worth the wait, and in the interim readers will have the opportunity to read the first book of my second series.

Question 10
Where can the readers of DarkissReads find you on the web?

My dedicated Author Website is or

The official Red Moon Productions site is

I am on Facebook

I would like thank Wayne for taking the time to be here today and wishing him great success in all his endeavors! 

Interviewed by Witchofthemists

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